Paul Kagame

Paul Kagame

Artist: Essilfie Banton
Medium: Solid Waste Collected from the Environment
Size: 38 inches by 48 inches

Project description

In this artwork, the artist pays tribute to Paul Kagame, the President of Rwanda who is widely recognized for his innovative leadership and visionary approach to governance. The artwork is created entirely from solid waste materials collected from the environment, reflecting the President’s commitment to environmental sustainability and his efforts to make Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, the cleanest city in Africa.

Through this artwork, the artist celebrates President Kagame’s transformative leadership and his role in reconnecting Rwanda after the tragic genocide that took place in the country. The piece is a tribute to the President’s unwavering determination to rebuild his country and create a more prosperous and peaceful future for its citizens.

The artwork not only highlights the President’s accomplishments but also serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of environmental sustainability and the need to protect our planet. By using solid waste materials to create this piece, the artist encourages us to think about the impact of our actions on the environment and the steps we can take to create a cleaner, healthier world for future generations.



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