The hope of the Ghanaian child.

The hope of the Ghanaian child.

Artist : Essilfie Banton
Medium : solid waste ( 99 % plastics)
Size :48 inches by 48 inches

Project description

“The Hope of the Ghanaian Child” is a remarkable artwork created by Essilfie Banton using plastic waste. This artwork captures the essence and aspirations of the Ghanaian child in a symbolic manner. The use of yellow represents the abundant resources found in

Ghana, signifying the nation’s natural wealth. The blues represent love, emphasizing the importance of compassion and unity within the Ghanaian society. The greens symbolize the lush vegetations and vibrant ecosystem found in the country, highlighting the need for environmental preservation.

The smiling face with teeth represents the joy and resilience of being an African woman, portraying strength and positivity. Through this artwork, Essilfie Banton conveys a message of hope, showcasing the potential and beauty that can be found amidst the challenges faced by Ghanaian children and the wider community.



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